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Tucked away under the stands in the depths of CenturyLink Field, Northwest Inboards proved to have a very strong customer base, and a rapidly growing one at that. It was noticeable that Darren, owner of Northwest Inboards, and his colleagues have made quite the impact in the area, as Axis is one of the fastest growing brands with strong brand & dealer loyalty.

Although there was plenty of excitement leading up to the boat show and a lot of repeat customers looking forward to seeing Darren, he unfortunately wasn’t able to be there as he and his wife, Gillian, welcomed a new baby boy, Samuel John Lamont, on Saturday. Samuel arrived a bit early so please keep the family in your prayers. Due to Darren’s unexpected absence, his team, his family and close friends stepped up to the plate to help out and they made sure to show customers exactly what the Axis line of boats was all about.

People that came into the booth this past weekend were very impressed with the boats that had been built for the show, especially the new 2018 A24 and T22. One of the customers whose new T22 was featured in the show even made sure to have all his friends there Friday night to help break it in with style.

The Seattle Boat show will continue through this week and into next weekend with Northwest Inboard’s goal of showing that with Axis, we are centered on you.

Northwest Inboards Growing Axis Family in Seattle
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