For many of us, the perfect summer weekend is filled with lake time along with friends and family. New tricks learned combined with memories made and laughs shared for an unforgettable time that your kids will tell campfire stories about. But preparation is key and going all out requires some planning. So, let’s dive in and review some of the ways you can prepare for a weekend to go all out—whether it’s midsummer or shoulder season.

Sun Protection

Sun protection may be the most important part of an epic weekend. Hiding from the sun in one way or another can literally make or break your weekend. First, the sun drains you. Staying out in the sun all day is exhausting like nothing else, and whether it’s the UV rays or the heat, you can’t go all out if you’re drained. Next—as we’ve all experienced before—sun burn can stop your weekend in its tracks. Your first line of defense is, of course, sunscreen. Get a high SPF and make sure it’s waterproof or water resistant. And don’t forget to reapply.


A buff or neck gaiter made from sun shirt material can keep the sun off your forehead or neck. To complete the ensemble, a brimmed hat keeps your nose and ears protected. And finally, your bimini sun shade is going to be your best friend. Besides the added UV protection, it dramatically cuts down the heat as well.

Sun Shirt

The sun’s rays reflecting off the water are more powerful, and those with fair complexions may do better to just rock a good SPF sun shirt rather than constantly reapplying sunscreen as thick as toothpaste.

Beat the Heat

As mentioned, a bimini is worth every penny for the heat it cuts down. Another thing to consider is opting out of the mid-day heat. Some of the best water is early in the morning and later in the afternoon, and the sun’s rays are healthiest before 11 am and after 2 pm, so many crews just hide from the heat during the afternoon mayhem. And of course, the most tried and true method of cooling off is to jump in the water and take a set! 


Water and electrolytes are your best friend on long lake days. Purified water is nowhere near as good, and can actually be more dehydrating in large quantities. Your best bet is spring water with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. If you’re really serious about hydration (and you should be if you want to go all out), you can add electrolyte powder to your water or stock the cooler with sports recovery drinks. This will also help ward off sore muscles.

Combat The Cold

So far we’ve talked about the heat, but a cold crew can knock you out of the game just as quickly. Particularly on early mornings or later evenings during spring and fall, it can get brisk. But when your stoke meter is off the charts, there are definitely ways around it. First, bundle up. Layers are best, and something that blocks the wind is ideal. Don’t shy away from your winter gear like mittens and stocking caps if the wind chill is a factor. Blankets are also a must-have. Next, use your boat’s heater. The tube can go under your clothes and warm you up almost instantly. And finally, don’t forget the neoprene. Modern wet suits work miracles to keep you warm without sacrificing much on mobility. Use them to your advantage.

Respect the Send

Finally, it’s important to recognize that going all out all weekend long is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s no good going straight out of the gates for a long set that will leave you drained. Instead, know your limits and pace yourself. A weekend is a long time to go all out.

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