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There are a lot of great reasons to boat in the southeast. From the weather, access to pristine waterways, and the long summer days, the southeast is truly a boater’s paradise. So, if you’ve been thinking about a road trip to a nearby lake, we’ve put together a list of the top five lake destinations you and your Axis need to visit in the Southeast. Let’s go exploring.

Lake Allatoona, Georgia

While it’s technically a reservoir made by damming up a river, everyone calls it Lake Allatoona. Located on the northwest tip of Georgia, Allatoona has large swaths of shoreline under protection from parks and various organizations, which means you get to enjoy pristine wooded areas and shorelines. If you’re up for an overnight boat trip, there is an abundance of campsites to enjoy. There are plenty of boat ramps and marinas around the lake, so accessibility is a no-brainer. The huge size of the lake along with all the fingers and coves mean there’s always something new to explore. 

Butler Chain, Florida

This upscale chain of lakes in Central Florida is home to hundreds of houses, including one of the biggest mansions in the world. There’s no shortage of people watching or house hunting as you cruise the shores and marvel at the mansions. Beyond the opulence, the Butler Chain of Lakes offers a few glimpses of old Florida. Cypress trees with Spanish Moss line canals and the wooded shorelines offer wildlife sightings. Be sure to check the water depth ahead of time to make sure you drop-in on a lake with plenty of water for surfing and wakeboarding, or just use the canal network to hop over to another lake. 12 feet of depth is minimum for a decent wake. 

Lake Martin, Alabama

Another reservoir, Lake Martin is an absolutely huge waterway fed by the Tallapoosa River in East Alabama. The river’s constant flow keeps the lake water clean, and fingers and coves are almost endless. There are over 750 miles of untamed shoreline, so wildlife sightings are common and there’s always a secluded area to dip into for a swim. In other words, if you’re looking for immaculate views, Lake Martin is it. One of the United States’ largest man-made lakes, Lake Martin offers a general feeling of wilderness if that’s what you’re after, or you can mingle with new friends at restaurants, beaches, or tie-ups near Chimney Rock. 

Norris Lake, Tennessee

One of Tennessee’s lesser-known gems, Norris Lake offers the same smoky mountain vistas that other lakes do, but with less traffic. Norris Lake is another reservoir, and with over 800 miles of shoreline, there’s always another pristine beach to pull up to after a long wakesurf session. Located fairly central in Tennessee, Norris Lake has plenty of marinas and restaurants, but the real appeal is the natural feel of these epic waters. 

Lake Ouachita, Arkansas

Located in West-Central Arkansas, Lake Ouachita is a gem—despite its hard-to-pronounce name. It’s another reservoir, so expect more of the isolated coves and fingers. These are a lifesaver on breezy days because they can shelter the wind for better riding conditions, and they present a perfect opportunity for an afternoon swim. Surrounded by a national forest, there are enough campsites, rock jumps, beaches, and rope swings to last a lifetime. 

Are you planning out your route to one of these beautiful southeast destination lakes yet? We would be surprised if you weren’t. When you’re ready to design your custom Axis complete with everything you need for a long weekend full of adventure, check out our 3D Build-a-Boat tool or visit your local dealer for a day on the water. 

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