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Each lake as unique as the next, Canada offers boating experiences unlike anywhere else. After harsh winters in many places in the country, Canadians hit the lakes hard for a well-deserved summer of watersports. Whether you’re a resident or are looking to take a vacation, here are the top five Canadian destinations you should consider towing your Axis to. 

Lake of the Woods

Looking to island hop? Lake of the Woods contains more than 14,000 of them. With an absolutely staggering 65,000 miles of coastline, Lake of the Woods is one of the most unique bodies of water in the world—and you’ll never have a hard time finding something new to see, no matter how many times you visit. Occupying space in Minnesota, Winnipeg and Ontario, Lake of the Woods is truly a natural wonder. Despite the lake’s relative remoteness, there are more places to congregate with other boaters than you would think, and there’s even a park that is only accessible by boat or on foot. We could write this entire article on Lake of the Woods and still not have touched on all it’s offerings. If you’re looking for natural beauty and clean water with plenty of space to ride, Lake of the Woods is a great choice. 

Lake Muskoka

Located north of Toronto, Lake Muskoka is an island-speckled body of water surrounded by upscale cabins and natural shoreline. Often referred to as the “Malibu of the North,” Lake Muskoka is a favorite of celebrities and the elite thanks to its natural setting and privacy. More importantly, there are plenty of boat ramps and easy access to the other main lakes in the area including Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph, so you’ll always be able to find a place to ride. Complete with plenty of restaurants and quaint towns, you can choose natural beauty or modern entertainment at this unique lake. Wave to Tom Hanks for us if you see him. 

The Laurentians

The Laurentians, as the area is known to local Montrealers, is not a specific lake. Instead, it’s shorthand for a series of lakes in a region of natural beauty set in the Laurentian Mountain Range. Nearly all the lakes are located just over an hour from Montreal, and most offer the same characteristics: pure, clean water surrounded by serene natural beauty and a slower pace that will make you forget city life even exists.

Okanagan Lake

Located in southern British Columbia and sharing its shoreline with Kelowna, Okanagan Lake has enough scenery to last a lifetime. Complete with vineyards and orchards, there’s always another shoreline to see on Okanagan Lake. Massively deep at a max depth of 761 feet and an average depth of almost 250 feet, Okanagan Lake can be a bit brisk on anything but the warmest summer days. That said, at nearly 84 miles long and dotted with dining, marinas, yacht clubs, resorts, parks, beaches and hikes—not to mention the city of Kelowna—there’s always something to do when you’re not riding. 

Cultus Lake

Just east of Vancouver in British Columbia, Cultus Lake is warm and inviting with plenty of water depth at an average 105 feet. Occupying space in several parks, Cultus Lake is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The area has a waterpark, shops, resorts and restaurants along with plenty of campsites to make a solid weekend of riding, nature and nonstop entertainment. Just be sure to follow local rules and stay at least 500 feet from shore while making a wake. 

So there you have it. Five diverse destinations in Canada that each offer unique experiences to beat the summer heat and get away from it all. When you’re ready for your next watersports road trip, check out our Build A Boat tool or contact your local dealer for a day on the water to experience the perfect Axis wakes and waves.

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