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Whether they’re getting up at dawn to be the first ones out on the water, taking a mid-day surf break, or ending their day with a sunset surf session with their friends, you can always find the Neal Family on the water. Never missing a moment to seize the wave, the Axis lifestyle is undoubtedly the perfect fit for the Neal Family — Meet Bree, Mark, Collins & Heidi Jo.

Recently taking delivery of their second Axis, the Neal Family couldn’t wait to show us how they Go All Out. As we made our way around the country for the Malibu Boats 2023 Just Ride Tour, we couldn’t think of a better time to meet up with the Neal crew on their brand-new 2023 T250 for an epic day of surfin’ on Lake Grapevine in Dallas, TX.

“We were already in love with the performance of Axis in general,” said Bree. “Getting a bigger boat to fit more boards, family, and friends has been awesome.”

For the Neal Family, their Axis is more than just a boat. It’s their lifestyle. With three years of wakesurfing under their wing, Mark & Bree were quick to share their on-the-water adventures with their kids. Now, Collins & Heidi Jo both look forward to the time they spend on the water with their friends & family.

“Getting to see their excitement and obsession with surfing is amazing,” said Mark. “We don’t get many pulls anymore because the girls want to go again and again. Five days a week isn’t enough — the girls would live on the water if they could! Having something that we are all passionate about is invaluable!”

Neal Family Wakesurfing Behind Their T250
Neal Family Wakesurfing Behind Their T250
Axis T250 Lounge Area
Neal Family Wakesurfing Behind Their T250
Neal Family at the Helm of their T250
Neal Family at the Helm of their T250
Tarah Mikacich and Collins Neal on the T250
Neal Family wakesurfing behind their T250
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