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Feeling overwhelmed with all the choices when it comes to building your new custom Axis wakeboat? It can be a lot, especially if you’re not as familiar with the new models or watersports boats in general.

Board racks were one of the single best innovations in the history of watersports. Don’t believe us? Boards used to be lying all around the lounge taking up valuable seating space and just begging for someone to stub their toe on them. Board racks get the boards up on the outside of the tower, which frees up a ton of space. When used consistently, board racks are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment on your boat.

Axis Fixed Board Racks with Bungees

Fixed Board Racks with Bungees

Fixed Board Racks with Bungees are the originals, and still the board racks of choice for many boaters. They attach to the outside of the tower and have bungee straps to hold boards securely in place, even over rollers. The anodized aluminum forks have rubber strips that keep boards from getting dinged or scratched. Simple, right?

These are the basic board racks, and while they work for many boaters, it’s important to think carefully about your situation and the way you boat before getting these board racks. For example, many boaters use boat lifts to get their Axis up and out of the water when they’re not using it, but it’s important to measure the width of your lift because many won’t accommodate the beam of modern boats along with fixed board racks. Fixed racks can also be an issue if you want to tie up with other boats, or in certain docking situations, or under narrow bridges. It can also be a challenge for some people to get the board into the rack and get the bungee stretched over it while leaning out of the boat.

Axis Swivel Board Racks with Bungees

Swivel Board Racks with Bungees

Swivel board racks allow you to spin the entire rack from the outside of the tower to the inside of the tower. This means boards are easily accessible, and bungees are easily stretched over the boards. It also means the racks don’t get in the way in the above-mentioned situations. They are a big step up from fixed board racks, and if your situation allows, they are a great piece of equipment that you will use all the time.

Axis Swivel Board Rack with Clamps

Swivel Board Racks with Clamps

The top-of-the-line, clamping swivel board racks have the swivel function mentioned above, but they also feature a ratchet-like clamp that gently but securely holds your boards in place. The clamps can be easily tightened and released from inside the boat, which means you have the option of retrieving your board with or without swiveling the racks. This can come in handy when you have a packed lounge or when you want to get going quickly. Swivel board racks with clamps are the undisputed leaders of the board rack world because they offer all the flexibility with absolutely no drawbacks.

So there you have it, the three levels of board racks. There’s no right or wrong type, just the right setup for your budget and the way you boat. When you’re ready to build your custom Axis complete with up to four board racks (on specific models), visit our Build-a-Boat tool or contact your local dealer for a day on the water.

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