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At Axis, we're committed to helping you squeeze every second of enjoyment out of your time on the water. That's why the Axis wave just works. It's not fickle, it doesn't need a lot of tweaking, and it's clean straight from the factory. World-class wakes & waves await thanks to our industry-leading foundation of surf technology.

All you have to do is select your preset, and you're ready to ride. Starting with Surf Gate®, you can create the perfect wave on either side of the boat without shifting weight or moving a device from side to side. As your riding style and wave preferences change, you can further customize the wave using Power Wedge® III to catch big air and big bottom turns. The best part? You can control it all while you ride using Surf Band®, the industry’s first and only patented, wearable remote surf technology. Riding behind Axis is that simple, and 100% customizable.

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