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Loudon, TN | August 11, 2022 – For 2023, Axis Wake™ introduces the all-new A225 and T235. While the A225 and T235 build on the mind-blowing success of the A22 and T23, these brand new models take things to a whole new level of comfort, convenience — and most of all — their ability to enable you to go all out through unmatched performance.

The All-New 2023 Axis A225

The A225 is inspired by the first ever Axis. The boat that changed the wakeboarding and wakesurfing industry by offering a budget-friendly option for pro-level wakes. Improving upon the legendary A22, the A225 creates wakes and waves that just don’t seem possible from a 22’ 5” boat. Even the Axis pro team has been shocked at the quality of the A225’s wakes and waves.

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The All-New 2023 Axis T235

The Axis T235 is similar, with phenomenal wakes and waves. For surf crews, the T235 produces endless, glassy swells that are begging for Axis owners to surf the day away. The T23 was known for its great surf wave, but the T235 blows it out of the water. The improvements truly take things to a whole new level, all without sacrificing the traditional bow look and feel that make the T235 what it is.

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Like all Axis models, the A225 and T235 were designed from concept to completion to work in harmony with Axis wake innovations. Each Axis model features the legendary Wake Plus™ Hull which is designed specifically to work with the industry-defining Surf Gate® and Power Wedge® III. Surf Gate makes a perfect wave on either side of the boat and Power Wedge III lets riders control the wave’s characteristics, going from long and mellow to steep and powerful with the touch of a button. And to top that all off, surfers can take command of the wave while they ride with Surf Band®. Whether you’re driving or surfing, a customizable, world-class surf wave is always in your control with Axis.

Axis is all about unapologetic style, and that’s never been truer than in model year 2023. The A225 and T235 — along with the rest of the Axis lineup — can be customized with three bold new exterior gel coat options that will make your boat stand out on waterways across the World. The new Vivid Orange, Vivid Orange Metallic and Volt Yellow colors each create a striking new look that will set your Axis apart from anything else out there — especially with the next-level style lines of the A225 and T235. Owners can also select a new ebony color as the top layer on their Soft Grip, creating a two-toned look that adds another level of detail to the boat.

The interior lounge of the A225 and T235 are completely new. Compared to the A22, the all-new A225 has an additional six inches in overall length, which allowed Axis designers to incorporate a hidden trashcan in the walkthrough, along with a more spacious and comfortable bow. The all-new T235’s design incorporates more depth than ever before. A deeper hull means a more comfortable riding experience for passengers as they sit lower into seats. Thanks to this higher freeboard and the T235’s traditional bow, riders will feel more secure and experience less spray as they run down the lake. On the A225 and T235, the captain is always in command thanks to the Axis Dashboard featuring a 7-inch Garmin touch screen, Bluetooth stereo, and optional upgraded features including wireless phone charging and a rotary sport dial. The Axis Skybox™ Seat takes pride of place at the rear of the lounge, smoothly transitioning from a normal bench seat to a rear-facing bench that’s perfect for taking in the action behind the boat. </p?

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The Axis A225 and T235 are ready to make your best summer ever. Build them online with our 3D Build-a-Boat feature or contact your local dealer to experience the new boats for yourself with a day on the water.

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