The Axis brand has been going all out since 2009, and it’s time we look back on the legacy it’s created and how Axis got to where it is today. Born from Malibu Boats—the most successful towboat brand in history—Axis spun off of the same proven DNA. With many shared components between the two brands, Axis was an instant success. Malibu’s already-proven hull characteristics were used to design the running surface on the first Axis boat — The Axis A22. In 2009, the Axis brand was born and the A22 hit the market and remains one the most popular towboats of all time to this day.

Axis was born to serve the new customer demand for a towboat that performed at an elite level, featured an edgy new look, had the core functionality the Malibu name was built on inside and out, and was presented at a value that made it accessible for more boaters. Not an easy task to say the least, but the Axis brand was an instant success. Over the last decade and counting, Axis has stayed true to these core values, which quickly made it the fastest-growing wakeboard and wakesurf towboat brand in the world.


Axis hit the ground running with innovations immediately alongside its launch in 2009. Leaning heavily on Malibu’s technology, Axis offered the core of the entire watersports experience from its very first model off the production line: the Performance Hull. This rock-solid running surface produced clean, perfectly-shaped wakeboard ramps straight from the factory on the A22.

From there, the popularity of the A22 skyrocketed, and the demand for a built-out line of boats was evident. So much so that the A20 was introduced in 2011. The A20 took all the characteristics of the original A22 and brought them to a more compact, 20-foot frame that would fit in standard garages and was allowed on most waterways with a size restriction.

In 2013, Axis took the world by storm with the A24, one of the world’s most capable 24-footers with the same no-frills value of the other A-series boats.

Introducing the Traditional Bow

Up until this point, every Axis model on the market featured a picklefork-style bow. However, the Axis army was growing and the demand for a traditional bow was overwhelming. That’s when Axis released the T22 in 2015, a ground-breaking watersports powerhouse with a traditional, pointed bow and the same great wake and wave Axis had built its name on.


As many boaters know, Surf Gate® revolutionized the industry by eliminating the need to put all your boat’s weight on one side to surf. Instead, Surf Gate®—along with the new Wake Plus™ Hull—allowed for a ballast configuration similar to a wakeboard setup and made the dream of instantly transferring from side to side a reality. Originally introduced on Malibu in 2012, the Axis brand quickly followed in 2014.

Then came another huge Malibu innovation that was passed down to Axis: Power Wedge® III. This allowed Axis boats to control the height and pitch of the wake or wave with the touch of a button, rather than the one-size-fits-all ballast enhancement that the Auto Set Wedge had to offer.

Continuing in the tradition of piggybacking off the world’s best-selling boat brand, Malibu created its industry-changing Monsoon line of engines and brought them over to power Axis.

The hits kept coming with more components being controlled directly by Malibu and passed down to Axis, including award-winning trailers, marine-grade Soft Grip flooring and much more.

14 years later, Axis is still proudly made in the United States of America and Australia by authentic craftsmen and women who take pride in their work. Axis continues to roll out of the same factories as its industry-dominating sister brand, and is still presented at one of the most competitive values on the market—all while maintaining the high standard of innovation and performance the Axis family of boaters expects.

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