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Loudon, TN | September 9, 2021 –  The totally-new Axis T250 makes history as the first 25-foot boat produced by the cutting-edge Axis brand. With bold styling, spacious seating, proven technology and signature Axis performance, the T250 is ready for all your friends and family.

Axis is a brand that was born out of customer demand and the T250 is no exception. We took customer input to present our boaters something bigger than ever before for the Axis line. The Axis T250 gives those boaters looking for more space and storage the largest Axis yet, complete with the intuitiveness, performance and value the brand is famous for.

“Designing and producing the first-ever 25-foot Axis was a huge accomplishment for the entire team...”

- Jack Springer // CEO OF MALIBU BOATS, INC.

“Designing and producing the first-ever 25-foot Axis was a huge accomplishment for the entire team,” said Jack Springer, CEO of Malibu Boats, Inc.” Not only is the all-new T250 the biggest boat Axis has ever produced, but it had to live up to the standards Axis owners have come to expect—and that’s not easy. I’m proud to introduce the T250 that will set the new standard for performance, convenience, style and value in the 25-foot class.”

The most noticeable feature on the all-new T250 is its scale. The new lines of the T250 are guaranteed to turn heads whether it’s being towed to the ramp or running down the lake. At 25 feet long, the T250 is still nimble on the water for quick rider pickups and precise docking. And with over 5,000 pounds of ballast, that size translates to a pro-level surf wave and wakeboard wake. Because the T250 is an Axis through and through, the wakes and waves are customizable so anyone from a beginner to a pro can get exactly what they want, and the best part is Axis makes it easy to transition the boat from novice to advanced. One of the ways the wakes and waves are tailored is with Power Wedge™ III that can take the wake or wave from steep to mellow with the touch of a button. Another layer of customization comes from Surf Gate™, the world’s best wakesurf creator, that allows riders to make a user-perfect wave on one side or the other without shifting any ballast. Surf Gate switches quickly from side to side, so riders can take their game to a new level with transfers from frontside to backside as well. To top it all off, Axis offers Surf Band™, a wearable remote that lets surfers adjust their wave while they ride, controlling incremental speed adjustments, Power Wedge III settings, speaker volume and which side they want to surf on. The surf side is particularly crucial because the rider can control when they want to switch the surf side, which makes for perfectly timed transfers. Audio surf signaling make it even easier by alerting the rider when the system is going to switch sides.

The T250’s size doesn’t just mean more comfort and storage for all 18 people, but also exceptional on-water performance. A classic traditional bow provides forward seating with all the same style and creature comforts you would expect from an Axis. Passengers have grab handles, speakers, cup holders, plush vinyl, and Axis Soft Grip on step areas for safe entries and exits. In the walkthrough a removable garbage can keeps the boat tidy, and Axis Soft Grip continues back for sure footing that is easy to clean in the lounge. The massive wraparound lounge provides plenty of options to relax while running down the lake, at the cove or to sit in the height of comfort while your crew surfs and wakeboards. When it’s time to make a wake stadium, the Sliding Axis Skybox Seat™ with available pop-up Chill-Ax seat backs transitions from a normal bench to rear-facing almost effortlessly. A lounge this big requires some serious amenities, and the T250 delivers. Cup holders are close at hand, interior lighting sets the scene for evening cruises or early morning sessions, and speakers are tucked back into the gunwales for crisp sound that doesn’t get in the way of seating comfort. A port-side cooler keeps drinks cold and hinged cushions make for easy access.

“The brand-new Axis T250 truly exceeded all of my expectations..."


“The brand-new Axis T250 truly exceeded all of my expectations. It has the wakes and waves that pros, like myself, absolutely dream of while also being mellow and fun for my family to ride,” said Tom Fooshee, Axis Team Athlete and Ambassador. “I can’t wait to get back on the water with the T250 and enjoy more great times with my family and friends.”

Full of firsts, the T250’s next big surprise is the new dash with Axis’s first-ever touch screen, which is now featured on all Axis models. The dash is low-profile and intuitive with a universal phone holder, an ergonomic new steering wheel, Bluetooth stereo, analog controls, and the new touch screen in the most valuable real estate. The 7-inch touch screen sits within easy access of your throttle hand so you can control everything you need to and set up the boat quickly. The watersports menu has all your vitals for a great day on the water. Set your cruise control, fill and drain ballast, deploy and set Power Wedge III, and choose your surf side—all within one easy menu. Driven by the ultra-simple Axis Operating System, the touch screen is intuitive to dive in and use for anyone from first-time boaters to seasoned captains. When you want to keep your eyes on the water, the high-visibility digital screen is also backed up with an optional Sport Dash touch pad controls for added convenience and flexibility.

Rounding out the T250’s stacked feature list, the Axis AW20 tower spans the lounge with custom Axis styling and functionality. Available with up to four space-saving board racks and four tower speakers, the Axis AW20 tower is an extension of the T250 and a lifesaver when you have a big crew with lots of different boards. Equipped with quick-release latches and an optional shock package that make folding the tower a one-person job even while fully loaded with boards and racks, the Axis AW20 makes your day on the water easier than ever before. The cherry on top is the bimini sunshade, which deploys simply and easily so your crew can enjoy some shade on a long summer afternoon. For even more shade, Axis now offers a new dual coverage sliding bimini with board storage on top and rope pockets underneath.

Storage is as massive as you’d expect from the largest Axis ever made, and an innovative pop-up rear pylon deploys quickly to pull tubers and skiers but can be recessed out of the way when not in use. The transom is complete with cup holders, an available stereo remote, and Axis Soft Grip flooring that won’t ding your board. Three all-new gelcoat schemes with multiple colors let you make the T250 your own, and fresh body lines along with a huge, embossed Axis logo will get noticed on the water.

A ground-breaking boat needs a ground-breaking engine, and the Malibu Monsoon M5Di direct injection engine is up to the task as the standard powerplant in the T250. With more torque, less fuel consumption, lower emissions, better reliability and less noise than anything in its class, the M5Di is the most advanced power plant on the inboard market. For even more of an upgrade, owners can opt for the Monsoon M6Di for even more horsepower and torque, or the Supercharged LT4 to truly level up the T250.

To experience the performance, style, technology and scale the all-new T250 brings to the inboard market, contact your local dealer for a free on-water demo or virtually build your custom 2022 Axis T250 from the ground up in the Axis boat builder.

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The Axis T250

All-New for 2022

The Axis T250

The all-new T250’s size doesn’t just mean more comfort and storage for all 18 passengers, but also exceptional on-water performance.

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