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Loudon, TN | August 24, 2021 –  Axis is excited to announce the totally-new Axis T220 that brings the level of technology, style and performance to new heights in the mid-size boat market for 2022.

Carrying the torch for the Axis brand is no small feat because of the high benchmark set by previous models in every category including effortless technology that improves your day on the water, signature Axis style that gets noticed from across the lake, and nothing less than perfect wakes and waves. The all-new T220 traditional bow Axis replaces the T22 and the new name highlights that this new model is bigger and better than its predecessor with enhanced on-water performance and even more Axis intuitiveness. This mid-size, high-performing wake boat delivers on all fronts and brings some fresh innovations for everything you need for an all-out, unforgettable summer with all your friends and family.

“The all-new Axis T220 is a feat of engineering and design that is almost impossible to match..."

- Jack Springer CEO of Malibu Boats, Inc.

“The all-new Axis T220 is a feat of engineering and design that is almost impossible to match,” said Jack Springer, CEO of Malibu Boats, Inc. “There’s a lot of competition in the mid-size boat market but no one offers the high level of performance, innovation, comfort and convenience that the T220 has. And that’s not even mentioning the first-ever Axis touch screen. The T220 truly has no equal on the water today and we’re very proud to bring it to our family of Axis customers.”

One of the most striking features on the all-new T220 is the dash. Debuting on the T220, the dash is available on all Axis models for 2022 and its clean layout with the first-ever Axis touch screen takes center stage. The 7-inch touch screen has all your driving vitals along with everything the captain needs to set up the boat to ride. Whether the day calls for wakeboarding or surfing at any level from beginner to pro, everything can be accomplished simply and easily through the new touch screen. Set Power Wedge™ III to take the wake or wave from steep to mellow and anywhere in between, fill ballast to the perfect level for each rider’s abilities, set speed control, and deploy Surf Gate™ to make a perfect wave on either side of the T220 without moving any weight around. The new touch screen is complemented by tactile buttons for quick access to functions and menus you’re going to use all the time, including the digital instrument cluster, settings, backlight, and more.

The new dash is completed with Axis Soft Grip on horizontal surfaces, a Bluetooth stereo and a sub at the driver’s feet. The captain’s chair is spacious and ergonomic without sacrificing style, and the available flip-up bolster and swivel function mean it’s practical as well.

At just under 22 feet long with a 102-inch beam, the T220 has plenty of room for 15 passengers between the lounge and bow.

In the bow, the traditional shape means it looks amazing on the water and cuts through surf waves like nothing, but the pointed nose widens quickly to allow more room for your crew to ride in total comfort. Cup holders, grab handles and speakers set into plush vinyl and stylish gelcoat mean the bow is truly an extension of the lounge for anyone lucky enough to be riding up front. The batteries were relocated to the bow to free up storage space, add forward weight and make a more convenient location for the switches.

In the lounge, the expansive wraparound bench seating features flip-up Chillax seats that allow passengers to face backward and cheer their crew on while they’re riding. In addition, the available Sliding Axis Skybox Seat™ goes from a normal bench to a rear-facing seat for even more wake-spectating options that won’t crane necks. Cup holders, grab handles and speakers are strategically placed to make your crew’s day on the water comfortable, convenient and fun. On the practical side, Axis Soft Grip covers the floor and step areas for sure footing and easy cleaning at the end of the day. Interior lights flood the lounge at the end of a satisfying day for the perfect sunset cruise back to the dock.

The wakes and waves live up to the Axis name, which means they stand up in nearly any conditions, they have perfectly shaped ramps, and they can be adjusted from beginner to pro level almost effortlessly. A new rear pop-up pylon is ready to pull inflatables and ski sets at a moment’s notice but can easily be stowed in its recessed sleeve when not in use.

Adding to the effortless functionality the T220 brings to the table, Axis offers Surf Band™, a wearable wave control that allows the rider to customize their own wave while they’re riding. They can tailor their wave with Power Wedge III, nudge speed up or down, adjust speaker volume—and most impressive—change their surf side on demand for perfect timing on transfers from side to side. Add in the surf horns that tell you when Surf Gate is going to switch sides and there has never been a better setup for consistently nailing transfers.

The Axis AW20 tower sits above the lounge ready to pull riders. Quickly and easily deploy it or collapse it with quick-release latches that makes for weightless folding even when the tower is loaded up with gear. Speaking of which, the Axis AW20 can be fitted with available storage-saving board racks that clamp and swivel inboard for easy access, as well as day-making Wet Sounds tower speakers that put the cherry on top of the T220’s impressive sound system. Last but not least, a quick-deploying bimini sunshade keeps passengers cool in the afternoon heat.

From the water, the T220 has sleek lines and signature Axis style that will get noticed. With three different exterior gelcoat styles and contoured lines complete with an embossed Axis logo, the T220 sets a new standard for on-water style.

A next-level boat needs next-level power, and the Malibu Monsoon M5Di™ is just the engine for the job on the T220. More reliable, quieter, cleaner, more powerful and with better fuel economy than anything in its class, this 360 horsepower, 400 foot-pound direct-injection engine gets the job done and then some. Owners can also opt for the Malibu Monsoon M6Di™ for all the same benefits with even more watersports torque.

To experience the elevated level of mid-size wake boat performance, technology and style that the all-new T220 brings to the table, contact your local dealer for a free on-water demo or build your custom 2022 Axis T220.


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