Wakeboarding is one of those sports that you look forward to all winter long and now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to take your wakeboarding to the next level. Axis Team Rider and Professional Wakeboarder, Guenther Oka, gave us the breakdown of one of his favorite tricks- Wrap Heel Side Front Side 360. Follow these step-by-step instructions and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Step 1: Gear

To do a Wakeboard Wrap Heel Side Front Side 360, you’ll need to have a wrap handle on your wakeboard rope. A wrap handle is a small grab handle about a foot off from your main handle.

Step 2: Wrap Up

First, we are just going to go through the motion of your upper body. Pull on the line, bring the handle behind your back and grab onto the wrap handle. Another method is to pull on the line, reach and grab the wrap handle first, tuck the handle underneath your armpit and then reach your other hand around your back to get the handle. Choose whichever method is more comfortable with you.

Step 3: Unwind

Once you’re in the wrap position, your front arm and rear arm should be at 90-degree angles and locked into place. Once you begin to unwind your trick, your body will spin 180 degrees and that’s when you will want to release your hand from the wrap handle and allow the tension to pick up and unwind you into the full rotation. As you go through it, make sure you initiate with your shoulders and hips while keeping your head up to spot the landing.

Step 4: Practice

It’s always a good idea that you practice on land before taking it to the water. When you take it to the water, try slowing the boat down for a more forgiving pace. Apply everything you learn on land on water at a surface rotation.

Step 5: Get Some Air

Now that we’ve gone through the surface 360 and understand our upper body wrapped movement, it’s time to get a little bit of air underneath our feet. Speed the boat back up to clean the wake and first try a narrow approach to get the concept down. Load your knees, pop when you hit the wake (don’t push) and then when you get to that 180 mark, let go of the wrap handle and unwind.

Step 6: Wake To Wake

Once you get comfortable with all the movement and popping off the wake, it’s time to bring this trick to it’s fullest potential- wake to wake. Take a wider approach and apply everything you’ve learned. It’s all about popping off that wake and be patient about getting to 180, don’t let go of the wrap handle too early.


We’re passing the handle and now it’s time for you to take it to the lake. We hope you have fun learning this new trick and just remember, no one landed it on their first try. Once you get it down, be sure to tag @Axiswake on social so we can see you shred out there!


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Originally from Cincinnati, Guenther has been riding behind a boat since he can remember. Learn more about Guenther and how he's disrupting the wakeboarding industry!

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