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Hello Friends!

Just because you are taking more conference calls, doesn’t mean you can’t do it on the water! Instead of taking your next Zoom meeting from your at-home “office”, why not do it from your boat (or virtual boat)!

Zoom is an online conference, webinar and meeting platform that helps connect people and companies from around the world. A fun feature to Zoom is that you can change your backdrops. Why have a plain white wall background when you can have a serene sunset lake image? All you have to do is go to settings, click the plus-sign icon in the “virtual background” tab in your Zoom settings and click “upload a photo from your computer.”

In these times where we have to be inside, let your Zoom background take you outside. You can even challenge your whole group to see who can have the coolest background. For a leg up on the rest, click the button below to download some of our favorite lake scenes.

Happy Zooming!

P.S. Are your images mirrored when you add them to your Zoom background? Go to your Zoom settings, click the "Video" tab, and uncheck the "Mirror my video" box.