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Introducing the All-New M240

Press Release

Introducing the All-New M240

Sitting squarely at the top of the line, the M240 delivers a new level of luxury, convenience, technology and performance to the iconic Malibu brand.

Malibu Employees

Boat Giveaway for 3 million safe work hours

Three million man hours without a lost time incident meant the production facility had worked for more than three years without incident, making this a milestone achieved by only the most prestigious of manufacturers.

Regina Jaquess Sets Another New World Slalom Record behind Malibu TXi powered by Malibu Monsoon engine

Malibu News

Regina Jaquess Sets A New World Slalom Record!

Malibu’s water ski athlete, Regina Jaquess, has set new standards in the world of water skiing running 4.5 buoys @ 10.25 meters behind Malibu TXi Response powered with a Malibu Monsoon M6Di.

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