Raising money during the holidays for the community has been an annual tradition of Axis Wake and Malibu Boats since 2012 and this year our employees raised more money than ever before. An incredible $13,885.30 was raised all by our hard-working employees for children and families in Loudon, Tennessee. Now, 110 specific children in Loudon County will be impacted by the donations.

Our annual holiday tradition has evolved and included amazing efforts such as bake sales, raffles, auctions and much more to raise money. After all the money had been collected, our employees then gave their own time to go shopping for all the new toys and wrap each one with love and care. This year included an exciting delivery where all of the wrapped toys were delivered by boat from Santa.

"The Toys for Tots program has been such an incredible way for us to directly service the children in our community over the last 7 years..."

- Jack Springer CEO of Malibu Boats, Inc.

What is so special about working with Toys for Tots is that the children will now receive wrapped gifts under their tree, that they would not have otherwise. We are so proud to have this special holiday tradition to celebrate the holidays with the Loudon County community.