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"With the option to add Power Wedge II to your Axis, it’s easier than ever to tailor the wake and wave for every rider."

- ERIC BONDY V.P. of Sales and Marketing

Loudon, TN, | September 1, 2017 — With the unveiling of its new A20 and A22 models—along with the previously released A24—Axis Wake Research now boasts a complete line of high-end, value driven performance watersports towboats for 2018.

Like the A24, the A20 and A22 come complete with a streamlined pickle fork bow, innovative Wake Plus™ hull, attractive new gel coat color options, a Sliding Skybox Seat™, soft grip flooring, plush upholstery and all-new bungie tower racks.

With the optional Axis Performance Surf Package™ (P.S.P.), which includes Power Wedge™ II, Surf Gate™ and the industry-leading Surf Band™, both the 20-footer and 22-footer deliver an incredible wave and wake-riding experience for riders of every ability level.

2018 marks the first time the patented and industry-transforming Power Wedge II hydrofoil is available on Axis boats. Featuring hydraulic actuators, Power Wedge II can generate up to 1,500 pounds of wake-creating water displacement for massive makes and waves at the touch of a button.

Meanwhile, Surf Gate delivers the ultimate in wave shaping customization. And with Surf Band, the rider can control the boat speed, Surf Gate settings, Power Wedge II settings and even the rear tower speaker volume from the behind the boat.

Both the A20 and A22 boast the famed Axis agility, along with a roomy and intuitive cockpit layout featuring soft-key switches, bright, easy-to-read 3-in-1 gauges and an electronic throttle.




Manufactured by Malibu Boats in Loudon, Tenn., Axis boats combine state-of-the-art technology with unparalleled American engineering and hand-craftsmanship, while also providing incomparable value.

The Axis A20 seats up to 11, with a walk-through cabin and signature Axis badging and graphics. The A20 is the perfect boat for anyone looking for all-around functionality, versatility and value. Plus, it fits in the garage.

Meanwhile, the A22 has a wider cabin, with the same convenient walk-through design and sweet Axis style. With seating for up to 15 passengers, it’s ideal for customers who like to enjoy the water with lots of friends and family.

“The new standard enhancements on the 2018 Axis A20 and A22 deliver incredible comfort and performance, making both models even more suited to families,” said Eric Bondy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Axis Wake Research and Malibu Boats. “And, with the option to add Power Wedge II to your Axis, it’s easier than ever to tailor the wake and wave for every rider—from beginner to pro—so everyone can have a great day on the water, every time.”

The new 2018 A20 and A22 towboats are available now at Axis retailers worldwide.

2018 Axis A20
2018 Axis A22
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