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Loudon, TN | Sept. 22, 2016 – Designed, engineered and handcrafted by Malibu, the global leader in watersports towboat sales, Axis Wake Research delivers technology and quality with an extraordinary performance-value equation. This bold brand introduces the newest versions of its traditional bow models, the T22 and T23, which blend classic design with cutting-edge performance and exceptional watersports capability.

The 2017 Axis T22 and T23 models underscore the brand’s renowned value by adding a new standard 6.0-liter Monsoon engine and electric shift. For the first time, Axis offers the Surf Band wrist remote, which lets the rider control the wave and tower speaker volume right from the board.

With their spacious, traditional bow design, the Axis T22 and T23 make excellent family boats and are favorites with customers that enjoy bringing big crews along for the fun. The Axis T series models are apt to turn even more heads for 2017, with striking new hull graphics and new gel and flake colors, including Hot Orange, Light Graphite and Pearl White Flake.

Onboard, the Axis T22 and T23 give the driver even more control for 2017. A striking new dash design with glowing white 3-in-1 gauges gives the cockpit a classic sporty look. There’s more function with a new central touch screen that integrates menu navigation, Surf Gate™ controls, speed control and more. A new panel of soft-key switches puts controls at the driver’s fingertips.

On both models, a new stereo brings a slew of features to raise entertainment performance, including multi-zone volume control and new helm and transom remotes. The system now routes Surf Gate signaling to the rider through the audio speakers so the rider and the crew know when a side-to-side transition is about to happen.

The star attraction of the Axis T22 and T23 remains their ability to throw up huge wakes and surf waves, customizable for any skill level, thanks to the Wake Plus Hull design. Adding the available Performance Surf Package (P.S.P), the Auto-Set Wedge hydrofoil makes the wake even bigger, and the Surf Gate™ turns it into an endless surf wave.

The first traditional bow model from Axis, the T22 can seat up to 15 and offers a maximum ballast of 3,700 lbs. The optimized cabin layout provides ideal weight distribution for a faster hole shot, less bow rise, and a level ride.

Much more than a foot separates the T23 from the T22, in size and in capability. For starters, the T23 actually measures 17 inches longer than the T22 and offers stretch-out, walk-around room for 16. With a 69-gallon fuel tank, vs. 42-gallon for the T22, the T23 has the ability to extend the fun on the water. Yet, the bigger T23 remains an amazingly agile machine, as thrilling to drive as it is to ride behind. Everything about the T23 is big, especially the Axis value.

Like all 2017 Axis models, the T22 and T23 come backed by the industry’s best warranty, including lifetime hull coverage, and are available now at all authorized Malibu/Axis dealers.

Axis Wake Research T23
Axis Wake Research T23
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