Malibu Monsoon Engine

Axis is powered with a Malibu Monsoon M5Di or M6Di engine. These engines were designed and developed to bring you even better reliability, performance, fuel economy, and sound reduction.

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Powered by GM Marine

We worked hand-in-hand with GM Marine to create Malibu Monsoon Engines produced in a new state-of-the-art engine facility adjacent to Axis' headquarters.

Direct Injection

Direct Injection means the engine is bypassing the air intake and injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber, improving fuel economy.


What is FEAD®? It stands for Front-End Accessory Drive. and it's a custom cast that features a fully integrated cooling system where engine oil and transmission fluid temperatures are controlled easier and more environmentally friendly.

A Green Machine

The Malibu Monsoon line of engines were specifically designed to lower emissions while still producing unmatched power in the industry.

Axis Trailers

There’s no better way to haul your Axis boat than with an Axis trailer. We hired the best team of craftspeople in the business to custom-build trailers that matched our boats in engineering and quality. We make Axis trailers in the same Loudon, Tennessee, facility where we build boats and where our corporate headquarters is located. When you buy an Axis trailer, you’re assured that your Axis boat will fit properly and securely with no clearance issues.

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Custom-Cut Bunk Carpet

We bevel the leading edge of all our bunks to minimize wear from boat loading and unloading.

Tandem Fenders

Our fenders are as solid as our steps. which are welded to the frame.

Custom Wheels

We offer several different wheel options including 14" standard with multiple choices for upgraded 18" wheels.

"Jig and Fixture" Process on Every Trailer

All Axis Trailers are produced through the same frame jig, which ensures that the frames, steps, cross members, and axels, are flat, straight, and square. This is especially important for axle location and alignment to the trailer's frame, which affects how well a trailer tows behind your vehicle.

Big Surf Sound

No set is complete without a playlist and with Axis you have your choice of crystal-clear Wet Sounds audio packages. Sync to Bluetooth while you’re in the boat, or for ultimate control, dial in your audio levels while you’re riding with Surf Band.

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Surf Gate™️ Signaling

Transition signaling through the speakers allows for clear communication between the surfer and the driver, which takes all the guesswork out of transfers.

Wet Sounds Speakers

Axis has three custom Wet Sounds packages available — Sound Pack I, II, and III. All packages come equipped with four to six 6.5" interior speakers and tower speakers that you can outfit differently. Also available is the 10" or 12" subwoofers you can opt for.

Axis AW20 Tower

No Axis is complete without its matching tower. Make it your own with speaker packages, swiveling bungee board racks or swiveling clamp board racks. Opt for the shock package for even smoother raising and lowering.

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Multiple Colors Available

Get the AW20 tower in Black, White, or Graphite.

Optional PTM Clamping Board Racks

Upgrade to the Axis-Branded Clamping Board Racks for faster, more convenient loading.