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Award-Winning Performance Unmatched Reliability

The new Malibu Monsoon™ line of engines, the M5Di and M6Di, were developed by Malibu Boats and Axis Wake to offer unmatched performance, fuel economy, reliability, and sound reduction. With the Malibu Monsoon™ engine, you'll be ready to go all out on your next adventure.

The team was able to accomplish this feat by bringing engine production in-house. The engine experts at Malibu and Axis worked with industry leaders like GM® Marine, Roush®, Davinci®, and McLaren Engineering® to design and perform the research and development necessary to introduce a line of in-board engines to the towboat industry like no other.

Built With Purpose

Built To Be Green.

A five-star rating may sound similar to the more familiar four-star rating, but it’s very different.

Built For Reliability.

Malibu Monsoon™ Engines were designed to make sure engine issues never cut into your time on the water.

Built for Conversations.

We designed Malibu Monsoon™ engines to be quiet so you can have full conversations while running on the water.

Engines Built For Power.

It’s not the size of your engine, it’s the amount of torque you’re cranking out that really matters.

Monsoon M5Di Engine, top view

5.3L Direct Injected
TORQUE - 400 FT-LBS @ 3800 rpm
POWER - 360 HP @ 5600 rpm


Whether you’re going for another buoy or generating surf swells, Malibu’s new M5Di has the power to get you there with more efficiency than ever before.

Monsoon M6Di, top view

6.2L Direct Injected
TORQUE - 460 FT-LBS @ 3800 rpm
POWER - 430 HP @ 5600 rpm


Designed to be the standard engine in some of the largest Malibu boats and the first step up in the powertrain options, the M6Di still has the lowest sound level at various RPMs and fuel economy levels comparable to smaller engines.

Monsoon Supercharged LT4 Engine, top view

Powered By GM® Marine 6.2L Direct Injected
TORQUE - 606 FT-LBS @ 3800 rpm
POWER - 607 HP @ 5600 rpm


Designed to deliver torque at low RPMS, the Malibu Monsoon LT4™ brings you all the power you need for a full day on the water you can rely on.

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Engines Designed To Deliver

Next Generation Engines

The Malibu Monsoon™ Engines were uniquely designed with essential engine components moved towards the front to make maintenance more accessible, offer a quieter ride, and improve durability.
Malibu Monsoon Engine, bottom view

Runs on Regular

"The team at Axis Wake Research designed the M5Di and M6DI engines to work with Regular 87 Octane with up to 10% Ethanol — which means you can fill up your Axis at any local fuel station. While the M5Di and M6Di will run all day long on regular fuel, to reach peak performance, premium fuel will help you get that last bit of torque and horsepower out of your engine."

Lowest Emissions

"The M5Di and M6Di both received the highest rating the California Air Resources Board (CARB) offers Ultra Clean, 5-Star rating, which exceeds the EPA standard. In fact, these engines not only met the levels required for this certification but exceeded them, making them the lowest emission engines in the towboat industry."

Exceptional Quality

"Backed by the World's largest towboat manufacturer, the Malibu Monsoon engines quality began during the marinization process and continued through the manufacturing process. Utilizing state-of-the-art methods like smart tools, these engines are tested not only on dynos, but have benefitted from thousands of hours of in-boat testing."

Powerful & Efficient

"The Malibu Monsoon line of engines were designed to deliver peak torque earlier for water sports, around 3,000 RPMs, for optimal performance & fuel economy. Longevity is also ensured from this powerband since the engine doesn't have to run at higher RPMs."

Why FeAD®

"The custom cast, patent-pending front-end accessory drive (FeAD) features a fully integrated cooling system where engine oil and transmission fluid temperatures are controlled in a single integrated system that uses an environmentally friendly coolant instead of raw water."

Powered by Official World Games Towboat

"Thanks to a close partnership with GM Marine and following the strictest industry standards, the Malibu Monsoon™ engines are produced in Malibu's new state-of-the-art engine facility located adjacent to the boat production facility in Tennessee where every boat and engine are water tested."
Boat With Confidence

Axis 5-Year Warranty

Boat With Confidence

At Axis, we back our boats as strong as we build them with an industry-best, five full years of factory warranty*. From bow to stern, we stand proudly behind every boat we build so you can rest assured that you’re covered!

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