Axis Wake A24

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Pro-Level Wakes. Easy To Handle.

Meet the biggest, baddest Axis on the water. The A24 gives you plenty of room for up to 17 aboard. Its size and 3,800-pound max ballast give you huge wakes and waves, yet the big A24 remains agile and easy to handle. The new 6.0-liter Monsoon engine gives you all the torque needed to push a loaded boat with ease. So go ahead, create an endless summer for the whole family — and your friends.

Axis Wake A20
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2017 AXIS A-Series Delivers

Designed, engineered and handcrafted in the U.S.A. by Malibu, Axis Wake Research delivers Malibu technology and quality with an extraordinary performance-value equation. The 2017 A20, A22 and A24 underscore that proposition by adding a new standard 6.0-liter Monsoon engine, and making an electric shift standard. For the first time, Axis offers the Surf Band wrist remote, the Malibu technology that lets the rider control the wave and tower speaker volume right from the board.

A24 features

Striking New Dash Design

A striking new dash design with glowing white 3-in-1 gauges gives the cockpit a classic sporty look. A new panel of soft-key switches puts controls at the driver’s fingertips, and new helm and transom remotes for the audio system let the driver or passengers adjust the music.

Surf Gate™

Wait until you see how easy it is to turn the wake into an endless, customizable wave for surfing. Push a button to activate Surf Gate™. That’s it. The Surf Gate’s high-speed hydraulic actuators let you quickly shift the wave from side to side.

Gorilla Fins

We use gorilla fins with 120 square inches of surface area; not only is the size important but the placement on our models is much further forward than others. This fin maximizes tracking ability, quicker handling and better control.

Auto-Set Wedge

From stowed to deployed, the Auto-Set Wedge creates a bigger wake by pulling the back of the boat down, producing the equivalent of 1,000 lbs of ballast.

Monsoon 409, 450 or 550 Engine Options

It takes a properly ballasted watersports boat to churn up a great wake, and it takes a high-torque engine to move the boat smoothly at watersports speeds. Axis moves up to new 6.0-liter Monsoon engines putting out up to 550 foot-pounds of torque on select models to move the boat smoothly at watersports speeds.

Wake-Plus Hull

Designed specifically for boarding applications, this hull design allows the boat to sit deeper in the water at slower speeds, helping create more water displacement for a bigger wake at all boarding speeds.


Our patented FibECS chassis and eight-layer lamination process provide maximum durability and ensures a smooth, solid ride on the water.

Room for 17 People

The Axis A24 is a surfing adventure waiting to happen, with room for 17 and the most storage capacity in the Axis lineup.

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Axis Trailers

There’s no better way to haul your Axis boat than with an Axis trailer. We hired the best team of craftspeople in the business to custom-build trailers that matched our boats in engineering and quality. We make Axis trailers in the same Loudon, Tennessee, facility where we build boats and where our corporate headquarters is located. When you buy a Axis trailer, you’re assured that your Axis boat will fit properly and securely with no clearance issues.

Tandem Fenders

The truth is on the asphalt. Our fenders are as solid as our steps, which are welded to the frame.

"Jig and Fixture" Process on Every Trailer

All Axis trailers are produced through the same frame jig which ensures that the frames, steps, cross members and axles are flat, straight and square. This is especially important for axle location and alignment to trailer frame which effects how well a trailer tows behind your truck/SUV.

Custom Cut Bunk Carpet

We bevel the leading edge of all of our bunks to minimize wear from boat loading and unloading.

Custom Wheels

We offer several different wheel options, Chrome, Galvanized and Alloy, or you can upgrade to 18" KMC Rockstar 2 Wheels.

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